Active Safety
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Seahonence Concept for developing new Products

active safety

"Safety Nursing Condition", "Consideration for Sanitary" and "Care for Environment" are three main Concepts for developing New Products.

Seahonece surveyed Causes of Accident possible to arise in Hospital,and developed "Safety Nursing Condition" with new Products. "Consideration for Sanitary" is a base of healthy and comfortable life.And Seahonence "Cares for Environment" and developing New Products with Recycled Material.

Product introduction

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FL-5600 Series

SH-5500 Series

SC-8000 Series

SK-300 Series

Child bed

Multipurpose bed

Digital scale bed

Multifunctional stretcher

Nagomu ZYUN


Assistance for Nursing

What are the important specifications to assist Nursing ?

High & Low : Desirable Height for work reduces pains in waist.

The height (including Mattress) from floor is maximum 73cm. Desirable Height for working reduces pains in waist.

Hand-Held Control Unit

Large & Clear Touch Button

Φ125mm Dual Tire Caster for stable Transfer.

Large Size Caster provides Smooth Turn and Transfer of Medical Care Beds weight over 100kg. For Beds Φ125mm Dual Tire Caster, all 4 casters can lock and release with One Pedal.

Battery Back-Up System

For Emergency Power Failure,Battery Back-up System provides smooth Motor Operation.(e.g. High & Low 30 Times)

Improvement of Patient Condition

How to reduce Patient Stress ?

4 section Bed Bottom with Steel Mesh

Mesh Bottom avoids Moisture in the Mattress and prevent patients from Mold and Bad Smell.

Polyester Fiber Mattress disperses Pressure from Body Weight and relieves Waist Pain.

Seahonence Mattress fits body line and movement of Head / Foot Section of Bed. Double Wave Structure keeps Desirable Hardness and relieves Pains in Waist and Abdominal.

Polyester Fiber Mattress disperses Pressure from Body Weight and relieves Waist Pain.

Long Term Anti-Bacterium Power

Epoxy Powder Painted Bed keeps away Bacterium, such as MRSA and Colibacillus. Bed and Mattress of Seahonence have been developed to keep Sanitary Condition.

Electromagnetic Shielded Motor Control System

Motor and Actuator System of Seahonence has CE Certificate regarding Electromagnetic Shield.

Double Shield Water Proof Actuator / IP66

Hand-Held Control Switch , Motor,and Actuator System are Water Shielded , and prevent Electric Short-Circuit.